Monday, February 11, 2013

He's here!

Finally.. Paxton H. Walker is here! He was 7lb 5oz and 19 inches long. Reagan swears he should be longer though because the nurse didn't straighten his legs haha. He is absolutely perfect in every way.

If you have really hard labors and can't stand those women that get it easy, than you might not want to read this post. My doctor asked at my 36 week appointment if I would like to be induced a week early? Umm.. Yes! Who wouldn't want that? The doctor called and scheduled it for January 14th. I wasn't unbearably uncomfortable yet, but I was so excited to meet him and was just ready for him to be here. On Monday January 7th, I woke up at 4am with contractions. I had been having them the night before but they weren't consistent. They were bad enough that I couldn't go back to sleep so I got up showered and started getting ready. All this time I was timing the contractions. They were three minutes apart and pretty strong. Once that had lasted for more than two hours I figured I better wake Reagan up. At that same time I got a text from Annie, my sister in-law saying that her water had just broke. I got so excited thinking we could have them on the same day! We went to the hospital and the contractions were getting worse. They checked me then told me they would be back in an hour to check me again. Sadly enough I wasn't progressing so they had to send me home. I thought for sure that was it. We went out to breakfast after than decided to walk around the mall. Annie and Jake had their beautiful little boy so we went to the hospital to see him. By 3 the contractions started to fade a little. My contractions continued like that all week long. I woke up early every morning with strong contractions and then by late afternoon or night they would fade a little bit, but never fully go away. By Saturday I was so done and called my doctor and asked him if we could be induced on the 13th instead. We seriously couldn't wait another day! Sunday, January 13th, we went to the AF hospital at 7am. They got me settled into our room and at 8am they started the Pitocin. They kept checking me but I had made little progress so at 10am they broke my water. After that things started to pick up. I got my epidural and Reagan and I sat and watched football. His family came and they were all anxiously waiting for the little sour patch to arrive. We all were! Our amazing nurse came in and checked me around 3 and said I was dilated to a 6. She left the room and then not even twenty minutes later she came in and said, "okay, the baby is ready." I thought she was joking, but when I could tell she wasn't I told her I didn't think so. She checked me and sure enough I was 10 centimeters dilated and the babies head was right there! That had gone by so fast I couldn't believe it. They called the Dr. and we all just waited until he arrived. Once he was there we got down to business right away. This is the part where most women will hate me.. I pushed for 3 contractions and a total of 3 minutes before our perfect little angel made it safely into this world! He came out with his hand right by his head an it hasn't left there since. Reagan was amazing through the entire thing. He was making me laugh in between contractions and was so supportive. It was the most amazing sight to watch him hold his son for the first time. Now he has a hunting, fishing, golfing, sport playing buddy for life! You could feel the spirit in the room and could feel that this little miracle had just left the presence of God. Nothing in this world will ever compare to bringing a new life into this world!

Thanks to all the family and friends who have visited and helped us in any way with Paxton. It is amazing how instantly and unconditionally you can love a new baby, and everyone has shown that. Pax is healthy and happy. He is such a good baby and only cries when he is being changed. He hates to be cold! He has changed our lives for the better and we are so blessed to have him in our little family!

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